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Milo Once a Wilderness is now a Hustling Town

The wonderful Change That Has Come About Since Benj. Sargent Built the First Log Cabin One Hundred Years Ago – A Brief History Written by News Correspondent

BANGOR DAILY NEWS – Wednesday, February 3, 1904

Milo, Feb. 3 — Milo was settled about 100 years ago and was incorporated as a town some 20 years later The Sargents, Snows. Dennetts and Mayos, all of whom have descendants living in the place. were among the first inhabitants. The first settler, Benjamin Sargent and his son Theophilus, located about a mile west from the centre of the town, on Sargent’s hill. A son of Theophilus, J.L. Sargent, is one of the oldest residents in the village.

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