About Our Organization

The Milo Historical Society was formed in 1970 by a group of community members with an interest in collecting, preserving, and promoting the history and the heritage of the Town of Milo, Maine. For a number of years, the society maintained a small Museum of local artifacts in the Milo Town Hall.

The Milo Historical Society began work in the spring of 1995 to revitalize the organization and increase membership. A major and worthy accomplishment of the Society has been the relocation of the museum to a larger and more fitting facility.

In the summer of 1996, the Society purchased a landmark structure, considered to be the oldest church building in the community, to serve as a home for the Society’s museum. A fund-raising committee gathered funds through community solicitation, yard sales, and the sale of merchandise with a “Milo History” theme. All revenues earned by the Society at that time, and since, have been used to maintain the Society’s museum and assure the preservation of its archives and collection of historic artifacts.

In addition to regular monthly meetings, which have included educational programs and demonstrations, the Society has served as a resource for individuals and groups conducting research on local history. School groups, institutions conducting research, and civic organizations have utilized the Museum’s resources for field trips and accessed the museum archives for research on local history.

Our monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 pm at the museum. Visitors are always welcomed. You can contact us by emailing us with the link at the top of the page, or by calling 943-2268 or 943-2369.


In addition to changing thematic exhibits, our permanent displays include the following:

The Milo High School Alumni exhibit area includes a nearly complete collection of Milo High School year books, dating from the school’s beginning. We are pleased to have many class pictures on view for MHS alumni and proud to display many of the schools sports trophies.

The museum has acquired many artifacts and photos from Milo’s early industrial years. These include items from the American Thread Company Spool Mill, Boston Excelsior Mill, the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad, and many others. This display gives one and appreciation of early working conditions, the ingenuity of an earlier generation, and pride in their accomplishments.

Our early domestic display exhibits household utensils and appliances together with early advertising promotions and packages. We also have an extensive collection of antique clothing, accessories, furniture, and dishware.

Statement of Purpose

• The mission of the Milo Historical Society is to collect, preserve, and promote the history and heritage of the town of Milo.
• We strive to carry out this goal by maintaining a museum to preserve materials of local historic significance, educational programs, and as resource for cultural enrichment.
• Membership and participation in the Milo Historical Society is open to anyone with an interest in helping us to achieve this goal.

Membership Application

Active Member: $5
Patron Member: $25
Student Member: $2.50

Allen Monroe, Secretary
23 Park Street
Milo, ME 04463

Make your check payable to “Milo Historical Society”, and send your name, phone, and address to the address above.