Local History

Some Various Histories of Milo

The History of Milo, 1902-1923
By Rethel C. West, 1923

A Short History of Milo
By Dr. Ralph C. Monroe, 1997

The History of Milo, 1802-1948
By Sue Perrigo Jenkins, 1948

The History of Piscataquis County
By Rev. Amasa Loring, 1880

Milo Once a Wilderness is now a Hustling Town
Bangor Daily News, 1904

Fire of 2008

Fire destroyed much of Main Street on September 14th, 2008.

Milo Overview Map, 1896

 Derby’s History

Derby, originally known as Milo Junction, was at one point the 2nd largest railroad car & repair shop in New England. 

The Building of Derby
Compiled by C.K. Ellison

The Piscataquis Hotel
Compiled by C.K. Ellison

Derby Grammar School
1936 Champs (picture)

Milo High School Display

Local Schools

The Milo District Schools
By Lloyd J. Treworgy

Milo’s Schools
By Clarence & Edith West

A Poem about Milo High School
By J. Cyr

Other History

A Bit of Veteran’s History
By Richard L. Graves, Sr.

The Survival Story
What the author wrote about her book of the first family to settle Milo.

1907 Directories

American Thread Company
ATCO was one of Milo’s largest employers for 75 years.

Milo’s First Church
Article about the building that houses our museum.

Devil’s Den & Snowshoe Tracks

Mysterious Devil’s Footprints in Maine
An Ancient Mystery That Will Never Be Solved

Milo’s Medical History

The Hooded Ones
The 1st daylight parade of the Ku Klux Klan was in Milo on 9/23/23. This is an excerpt from The Milo Story.