1907 Directories

Milo Business Directory (1907)

Historical Sketch

Milo is about twelve miles north east of Dover, on the Sebec River, an outlet of Lake Sebec, seven miles distant. The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad affords cheap and rapid transportation to and from Bangor, also has a branch to Katahdin Iron Works. Milo Junction, one mile dis. taut, i’s a rapidly growing section in which the Bangor & Aroostook have their repair shops. Here the Piscataquis Division of the road branches off, following the Piscataquis River across the county to the foot’ of Moosehead Lake.

Milo was first settled in 1803, and incorporated in 1823. The growth in population and manufactures has been very marked during the last few years. The population is over 3000 and increasing rapidly. Here is located the spool mills of the American Thread Company in which hundreds find profitable. employment the year round. The village of Milo is a wide awake hustling place, having all the accessories and conveniences of a modern up to date place. The stores are large, and stocked with the latest and best goods. Saw, grist and woolen mills give the place a busy appearance. The towns water, fire alarm, and electric light plants, two fine hotels, the Milo House, and Goulds Hotel. A weekly newspaper, the Milo Journal, is a publication of recent foundation, reflecting the up to date spirit of the place and the people.

J. L.Martin
Funral Goods Of Every Description.

Barber Shop in Connection.

33 East Main St Milo, Me.


Flour a Specialty
Prompt Attention. Right Prices.

Livery and Sale Stable,
ED., HENDERSON, Proprietor.

Up to date Teams for all occasions at all hours,
Best Service In Town.

Millinery, Dry & Fancy Goods, Ladies’ Furnishings.

Muslin Underwear & Royal Worcester Corset,.

Agent for Standard Patterns.

27 Main St TelCon.MiloMaine

Plumbing & Heating,


Hardware, Cement, Brick and Tile





All kinds of repairing



Leon A. Bailey


Mail orders for Butter, Eggs and Vegetables promptly attended to.


Medford Center, MAINE.

Livery, Feed and Sale Stable.
Best of Single and Double Rigs.
Contracts taken for Cement Cellars, Grading, Gravel,
and Sand. Patronage of the public solicited.

Telephone 4_4_ MILO, MAINE

New Five & Ten Cent Store,
A Full Line of Novelties, Fancy Goods, Toilet Articles, Books
And Household Supplies.

Lunch Room in Connection,



Formerly with Prof. WARE, Rochester, N. Y.

Greatest care and attention to Game Heads.
All Work Moth Proof _ Send for Shipping Tags.
Game Heads and Trophies for Sale.
Licensed by Commissioners of Fish and Game.
Gold Medal Awarded London, England.

Sportsmen wishing to visit Maine, supplied with all Information as to Guides,
Camps, etc. Inspection Invited. 35 years’ experience.

Close to Depot. MILO, MAINE.


Carriages, Harness, Farm Implements. Carriage Ironing,
Iron Working of all kinds. Horse Shoeing a Specialty. Blacksmith. Agent for Sharple’s Tubular Cream Separator.

East Main St., Near Depot, MILO, MAINE.

Trial Justice. Collection a Specialty


Odd_Fellows Block. MILO. MAINE.

Telephone connection.

Attorney at Law.


F. W. HAMLIN, Treas. H. W. HAMLIN, Mgr.


Communication can be had with all principal towns and Cities of New England, via. New England Tel. & Tele. Company.

For the accommodation of non_ Subscribers and the public, generally, the Company has established Public Pay Stations as follows:_
Lagrange, Me. F. R. Danforth, Store,
Boyd Lake, Me. A. B. Tibbetts, Store.
Chandler, Me. M. A. HAMLIN, Farm.
Lake View, Ile. Am. Thread Co., Office.
Schoodic, Ile. N. W. McNaughton, Sporting Camps Five Islands, Me. Am. Thread Co., Hotel

Present Rates make Telephone Service at your Residence a very
Cheap Luxury.


E. C. MORRILL, President, C. E. OWEN, Treasurer.

The most complete line of Boots, Shoes and Rubbers in Milo at lowest prices. Also Shoe. findings. B & A, and M C. Mileages bought and sold.

East Main St. MILO, MAINE



BALL F. AV., Main st.
BROWN L. G. C., Main st., Bank Bldg.
DURGIN M. L., Main st.
HOWE G. W., Main st.
JOHNSON W. A., Main st.

KINEO TRUST CO., Main st., F. E. McIntosh, _mgr.
See Dover business directory

Ball C. T.
Hamlin W. W.
Leonard A_ S.
MARTIN J. L., Main st.
Violette Fred

Peaks Paul P., Main st.

Hall J. B.

Brackett M. G., Main st.
MORRILL SHOE CO., East _Main st.

Gray H. 0. Kittridge B. R. & Son

Davis J _ A_, Main st.
Ingalls R. M., Main st.
McNEIT & COHEN Main st.
MONROE F. E. Main st.

Bolster Fred

Barrett C. H., Main st.
Guptill Mrs. B.,
Moore Miss T., Porter
Mrs. A., Sargent Mabel

OWEN W. S., Main st.

Collins Company, Main st.
Clark The B. F, Co., Main st.
A Johnson & Co.
McIntosh F. E., Bank Building
Morrill E.. C.. Main st.
Taylor & Whittier, Main st.

American, M. G. Brackett, agt.

THE BAILEY CO., H. F., Alain st.


Daggett & Hamlin



BAILEY LEON A., Medford Center.

Brackett M. G.
B. F. CLARK CO., Main st.
McKusick Arthur V., Junction
Perrigo J. H.
Osgood B. S.
Stanchfield 0. F.
West & Clement
White Henry, Junction


HARRIS BROS., Main st.

DOBLE W. B. Jr., Main st.
Farrar C. M.
Shurtleff Herbert, Main st.


GOULD’S HOTEL, James Bartley, prop
MILO HOUSE. N. F. Spearing, prop.


Bumps & Owen Drake F.

Hodsdon P. E. PERKINS H. L., Main st. Sargent F. L.


Briggs H. W.
Daggett H. F.
Howe G. W. (trial)
Johnson W. A
Morrill E. 0.

Dean 1. F.
Katen T. H., Kimball


Osgood B. S.
West & Clement

GOULD _MRS. A. J., Main st.
JOHNSON & CO. Main st.
Taylor & Whittier


Stetson J. L.


Crosby N. H.
Ford L. C.
Hathaway W. R. L.
Jones A. M.
Snow H. A.



HARMS BROS., Main st.


MONROE F. E., postmaster


HARRIS BROS., Main st.




MILO CO., H. W. Hamlin, mgr. New England Co.


MARTIN J. L., 33 East Main st.

Milo Junction

Historical Sketch

This Is quite a village of about 600 inhabitants, one mile from Milo, and at the junctions of the two branches of the Bangor & Aroostook Railroad, the Piscataquis and the Aroostook. Here are located the repair shops of the company, in which several hundred men find employment. The village is growing rapidly, and its business section is already quite prominent. It Is about 12 miles east of Dover, 27 from Bangor.


It’s our business to dye everything that’s dyeable _ to do it carefully,. thoroughly, and right. We’re doing this sort of thing for hundreds other people in Bangor and central and eastern Maine; can do as well as for you. Write us your needs_or send your bundle.

The Porter_Parsons Co.,

18_20 Cross St., BANGOR, ME.


Automatic Telephone, Office 1148 Residence 1018

Representing Cable Address
Milo Junction Business

White Henry, Main st. MILO EXCHANGE
McKusick Arthur, Main st.

Milo Resident Directory (1907)

Note. The word acres is abbreviated to a; road to rd.; ‘house to h. rural free delivery route is indicated by *

Alexander Charles S., laborer, Riverside (Mrs.)
Ambrose James E. carpenter, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Ambrose Frank, h. do.
Angove J. W., farmer (Mrs.)
Angove Sarah A., house keeper, h _ do.
Angove Frank G., farmer, h. do.
Angove George H., farmer, *3 (Mrs.)
Angove Lewis R. laborer, h. Riverside (.Mrs.)
Anderson Andrew, fainter, h. do (Mrs.)
Arsenault Peter J. laborer, h. off Riverside (Mrs.)
Amero Fred, laborer, bds. Riverside
Atwood Lydia A. h. 19 High
Atwood Frank R. mill wright, h. do.
Barden B. H., farmer, I. W. Main (Mrs.)
Ball Frank L. spool mill, h. 27 Elm (Mrs.)
Ball Frank S. laborer, h. do.
Baxter Elizabeth W. housework, h. 15 Park
Bartlett Thomas, saw mill, h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Bartlett Jennie, student, h. do.
Bartlett Joseph, laborer (Mrs.) *3
Barden Fred P. clerk, h. 28 W. Main (Mrs.)
Barden Stella, student, h. do.
Barrett C. H. dentist, h. 22 High (Mrs.)
Barrett Earle H., student, h. do.
Barnes Frank, farmer, bds. C. E. Ward
Bartley James, prop. Gould house (Mrs.)
Beazley Mrs. Josephine, h. 21 Riverside
Berg Alfred, peg mill
Ball C. T., barber, (Mrs.)
Bergman E. J. farmer, h. 4 1_2 mi _ out (Mrs.)
Berg J. A. farmer, 2 1_2 mi. out (Mrs.)
Beaudreau Dennis, laborer
Beaudreau Arthur, laborer
Bell Robert, clerk, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Bishop 0. S., steam shovel engineer
Bishop Byron B. freight depot B. & A. h. do
Bishop Ethel, student, h. do
Billings Harold, laborer
Barrington Thomas, farmer, h. No 3 (Mrs )
Barrington Seth laborer, bds. do.
Blood Charles H. supt. h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Blood Leon, student, h. do.

Blood Marion, student, h. do,.
Blethen W. W., wood worker, h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Blethen Greenleaf D. retired, h. Pleasant
Bowdoin Rosa B.
Boober Edwin H. laborer, h. ‘Riverside (Mrs’.)
Boober _Arthur E. h. do.
Boober Daniel, teamster, h. 21 High
Boobar A. W., teamster, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Bodswell Ernest,, carpenter, bds _ R, Folsom
Brad_man carpenter, h, do.
Boats Harvey, blacksmith
Boody Rebecca, retired, h. 7 Spring
Boody B. F. accountant, h. do. (‘Mrs.)
Boister Fred, carpenter, h. Ist st. (Mrs.)
Boober Charles, mason, h. lst st. (Mrs.)
Bradeen J. 0. lumber, h. Elm (Mrs..)
Bradeen Cora, stenographer, h. do.
Brackett M. G. merchant, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Bradley Frank, carpenter, h. 28 Park
Bradeen Charles S. laborer, h. 21 Park (Mrs.)
Brockway B. W. farmer and hay presser, *2 (Mrs.)
Brockway H. A. _farmer and carpenter, h. *2
Brown W. W., farmer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Brown Donald, mail carrier, h. do
Brown Clinton, asst. mail carrier, h. do.
Briggs Henry W. tax collector, h. 20 Highland (Mrs.)
Brewer Frank, laborer.
Bradshaw John, carpenter, (Mrs.)
Bradeen Guy, farm hand, *2
Bradeen Fred, laborer, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Bradeen Eva B. h. do.
Bradeen Samuel W. student, h. do.
Bradeen A. lumber (Mrs.)
Bradeen Frances, h. do.
Brackett Elwood, clerk, h. 27 W. Main. (Mrs.)
Burns W. H. Iaborer, h. 24 Park (Mrs.)
Buswell Chester, laborer,. bds. Mrs. A. E. Chase
Bumps Arthur, agt. for fruit, h. corner 1st. and Park (Mrs.)
Bumps Archie D laborer, h. do.
Bumps, John, laborer, h. do.
Butterfield 0. F. livery stable, hotel
Buzzell Herbert E. mill m _an (Mrs.)
Buswell S. D. farmer, h. 1 1.4 mile out (Mrs.)
Buswell Lawrence, student, h. do.
Burton, Ralph H. painter, h. Elm
Burton Ruth, housekeeper, h. do.
Burke Pearl, teacher
Bumpus L. H. .farmer, h. *2 (Mrs,)
Bumps Charles F. insurance, h. 35 Elm (Mrs.)
Buchanan Robert, laborer, bds. George Buchanan
Buchanan Lincoln, bds. do. laborer
Buchanan George, lumber sawyer, h. 30 W.* Main (Mrs.)
Carver William, farmer, (Mrs.)
Campbell M. W. : farmer, (Mrs.)
Call Allen A. carpenter and farmer,
Call Guy, carpenter, h. do.
Call Harold, engineer, h. do.
Call William, student, h. do.
Carey A. V. farmer _(Mrs.)
Carey Harry, farmer
Carey Warren, farmer
Carver Albina S. laborer, h. off Clinton (Mrs.)
Carver Frank L. h. do.
Carver Eleazer, h. do.
Carver Eleazer, farmer (Mrs.)
Carver Sarah, retired, h. 15 Highland (Mrs.)
Campbell Daniel E. laborer,. h. Gould (Mrs.)
Chase Mrs. A… E. h. 28 Park
Chase Aver, h. Gould House
Cilley Emily
Clark _Augustus B. laborer, h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Clark Walter E. spool mill, :h. 64 Pleasant (Mrs.)
Clark Fred, carpenter, h. lst (Mrs.),
Clark Susan
Clark Samuel h. 29 Elm (Mrs.)
Clark B. F. merchant, h. 30 Elm (Mrs.)
Clark Arthur, clerk, h. do.
Clark Bertha, book keeper, h. do.
Clark Della, student, h. do.
Clark Erving, carpenter
Clancey George, P. farmer, h. W. Main
Cleaves John C. carpenter, h. 37 Riverside (Mrs.).
Clement Wiliam G. laborer, h. Gould (Mrs.)
Clement Albert F. laborer, h. do. (Mrs.
Clement Ora M. stage driver, h. 16 Park (Mrs.)
Clement Fred, photographer, h.. Curve (Mrs.)
Clement Eton, h. do.
Clement Inez M. student’,’ h. do.
Clement_Ellen M. retired, h. Westmarket sq.
Clement Wilsey, merchant, (Mrs
Cloudman Elizabeth, housekeeper
Coolly Charles, lumber, h. Highland av. ‘(Mrs.)
Coy Ed. Laborer, h. corner. 1st and. Park (Mrs
Coburn Walter 0, laborer, h. 1st (Mrs.)
Collins S. G. farmer
Collins Stanley, do.
Collins Mrs. Katherine, merchant, h. 19 Main
Collins Michael, do. h. do. .
Colwell Benjamin F. carpenter, h. High
Colwell Clara house keeper, h. 26 High _
Cook George N. spool mill, ft. 48 W. Main (.Mrs.)
Cook George A. baggage master, h. do.
Cook Carlton, student, h. * do.
Cook Charles F. laborer, h.’ Clinton (Mrs).
Cookson W. 0. carpenter, h. Clinton. (Mrs.)
Cookson ‘Annie, laundress
Cookson Edith, waitress
Cooper ‘William, taxidermist, bds. Milo House
Corson Lucinda H. h. Pleasant
Corson Lyman E. sewing machine agt. h. do;
Cowan Benj. W. laborer, 8 Curve (Mrs.)
Cowan Charles S. board sawyer, bds _ Mrs.
Godsoe Creighton Mabelle, We. 13 Clinton
Cranmore Lois, housekeeper’
Cranmore Jennie, teacher
Cranmore Delia, teacher
Crockett Justin, mill, bds. E. E. Lancaster
Crockett Anna,.bds. E. Hodkins
Crockett Alma, bds. do.
Crosby Dr. N. H., h. Park (Mrs.)
Cross Fred, meat cutter, h. Park (Mrs.)
Cross A. B. laborer, h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Cronkhite Leighton C. bds. Sophie Gould’s
Cunningham William carpenter
Cunningham Hannah, housework, h. cor. Pleasant and Highland av
Cunningham Rena, clerk
Currier F. S. farmer
Cushman A. C. mgr. Boston Excelsior Co. h. 9 Highland
Cushman Annie M. student, h. do.
Curtis Henry, retired, h. *
Curtis Mamie Housework h. do.
Curtis Charles, laborer
Curtis Daniel, laborer, h. Clinton
Daggett C. L. teamster and farmer, h. 72 Pleasant (Mrs.)
Daggett Earl, P. merchant, h. 32 Main (Mrs.)
Daggett George W. ‘ h. 21 High (Mrs.)
Daigle Joe, lumber, (Mrs.).
Daggett H.. F. farmer and real estate, h. 72 Pleasant (Mrs.)
Daggett Florence M. h. do.
Daggett Georgia E. h.. do.
Daigle Maggie, housework
Daphney Lawson, farm hand, h. Highland av.
Day George, laborer., h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Day Agnes, h. do.
Day Aaron, h. do.
Davis J. F. ice, h. Park
Davis Bessie, student, h. do.
Davis William H. farmer, h. 42 Riverside (Mrs)
Davis Hulda, h. do.
Deane 0. F., livery, 30 Main (Mrs.)
Deane James, teamster, h. do.
Deane Laf orest, student, h. do. .
Dugan Hermon, carpenter, h. Sophia Gould
Demick C. laborer, bds. Gould House (Mrs.
Doble John, engineer, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Doble_ R. S. machinist, h. 18 Park (Mrs.)
Doble Annie R. Teacher h. do.
Doble B. W. blacksmith, h. 7 High (Mrs.)
Doble Rose E. h. do.
Doble Frank, student, h. do.
Dolan Maria S. house keeper, h. 31 W. Main
Doore Cyrus, laborer, h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Donovan William J. foreman of mill, bds. R. A. Moore
Dougherty A. G. Milo _ House, engineer B. & A. R _R
Drake Forest S. Farmer, h. 65 Pleasant
Drake Stanley, student, h. do.
Drake Elias, retired, h. do. (Mrs.)
Drinkwater S.’G. laborer, h. Main (Mrs.)
Drinkwater Ralph G. student h. do
Drinkwater Arthur, laborer, h. High
Durgin M. L., lawyer, h. 4 High (Mrs..)
Dutch William, insurance agent, bds. J. C. Braden
Dyer William M. laborer, h. Prospect (.Mrs)
Dyer Bert, laborer
Ellis Fred D. spool mill, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Ellis Charles F. do. h. do.
Emery Mark, laborer, bds. Gould
Erskins Murray W., laborer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Fabian Valentine, mfr. of rules, *3
Fabian Katie, h. do.
Fabian Christena, h. do.
Fabian Celia, house work, h. do.
Fabian Andrew, mfr. rules, h. do. (Mrs.)
Farnham J. F., farmer, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Farnham Leslie A. farmer h. do _ (Mrs).
Farrar Charles M. harnessmaker, Park (Mrs)
Farris Fred, farmer, h. *1 (Mrs.)
Farris Harold, laborer, h. do.
Farris S. C. laborer, h. do. (Mrs.)
Farrell Thomas, filer, h. 23 Park (Mrs.)
Fitz David H. laborer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Fleming Harvey, laborer, h. Willow at, (Mrs.)
Fleming Sarah L. * retired, h. Willow
Folsom Russell S. laborer, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Ford Lewis E. physician and surgeon, h, Pleasant (Mrs.)
Ford Helen, stenographer, h. do.
Ford Antoinette,. milliner, I. do. Ford William, bds. Gould House
Foss Walter, carpenter, off High (Ms.)
Foss Charles S. farmer *2 (Mira.)
Foss Lyle G. student, h.. do.
Foss Moses 0. farmer *2 (Mrs.)
Foss Edward, lineman, h. do.
Foss Ella, h. do.
Foster Fred, farmer, *2 (Mrs..)
Foster Joseph, laborer, h. do.
Foster Levi, laborer, h. do..
Foster George laborer, h. do.
Foster Lena, house work, h. do.
Foster David, student, h. do.
Fowler Olive B. retired, *2
Fowler Oscar, farmer, do.
Fowler 11. E. farmer, *2 (Mrs.)
French Ned, Mill_ man, Willow. (Mrs.)
Gordon William J. section foreman, h. South (Mrs.)
Gamble John _A.. laborer, h.. Gould (Mrs.)
Gallant Frank, station agent, h. Willow (Mrs.)
Gatchell E. W. engineer, h. 18 High (Mrs.)
Gatchell Edna _clerk, h. do.
Garland Everett E. laborer, h. cor. W. Main and Riverside (Mrs.)
Gee Ova J. h. *2
Genthner F. A. spool mill, h. W. Main Mrs .
Genthner Carl, student, h. do.
Genthner Albert, book, keeper, h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Gerry Wallace, spool mill, h. 23 High (Mrs.)
Gerry Roscoe, spool_ mill, h. do.
Gerry Frank, _painter, h. do.
Gerry Myrtle student, h. do.
Gerry Thomas A. spool maker, h. *2
Getchell Emory, laborer, h. High
Getchell Oscar I. h. 18 High (Mrs.)
Getchell Frank, laborer; h. do.
Getchell Clinton E. laborer h. do.
Getchell Harold 0. student, h. do.
Getchell. Dave, farmer, h. Park (Mrs.)
Getchell Ora, farmer, h. do,
Getchell Aubrey, farmer, h. do.
Getchell Myrtle, h. do.
Getchell Augusta, clerk, h. Park
Getchell Clifton, h. do.
Getchell Rose, h. do.
Getchell Hannah, student
Gibson John F. Mason, h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Gibson H. E. teamster, h. W. Main (Mrs..)
Gifford Jean, laborer, bds.. Frank Gallant
Gillespie LaMonte, laborer, h. Albert (Mrs.)
Glidden Emerson, farmer, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Glidden Rosina M. h. do.
Glidden Melvin, h. do.
Glover Rosina M.
Glover Willis E. spool mill
Glover Harry, student M
Glover Anna L.
Godsoe Helen R. h. 59 Pleasant
Godsoe B. Allen, laborer, h. do.
Godsoe Walter H. student, h. do.
Gould Sophia C.
Gould Dora M. _ h. 48 Riverside
Gould Nettie A. h. do.
Gould Bert, blacksmith, SO Riverside (Mrs.)
Gould Willis, student, h. . do.
Gould Aubrey, h/ do.
Gould George, farmer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Gould Maurice, student, h.. do..
Gould Rose A. retired,.h. do.
Gould Frank E. h.. 17 Elm (Mrs.)
Gould Abbie, teacher, h. do.
Gould Dana, student, h. do.
Gould Harry, student, h. do.
Gould Wm. E. retired, h. 25 Main
Gould Addie J. milliner, h. do.
Gould W. Edward, h. do.
Gould Alice V. student, h. do.
Gould Lucy housework h. 64 Pleasant
Gould Fred, h. Pleasant (Mrs.) ,
Gowlie Edwin, laborer, h. Park (Mrs.)
Goodwin Daniel, bds. off Riverside
Graustein M. farmer, h. *2 .
Gray H. 0. contractor and builder, h. Albert (Mrs.)
Gray *Harry J. laborer, h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Gray Mrs. E. 0. housework, h. off Elm
Gray W. B. lumber, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Green Wallace, teamster, h. 41 Elm (Mrs.)
Griffin John, spool mill, (h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Grover Fred 0. farmer *1 (Mrs.)
Grant Joseph H. mason, h.
Gould (Mrs.) Grant John E. h. do.
Grant Joseph F. h. do.
Grant Clinton M. :h. do.
Gubtil Samuel, grinder, h. 8 Clinton (Mrs.)
Gubtil George E. liveryman, h. 14 Park (Mrs.)
Gubtil. Newman, student, h. do.
Hagan Lincoln, blacksmith, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Hall Frank M. farmer, *3 (Mrs.)
Hall Ruth, h. do.,
Hall James. B. blacksmith, h. off Elm (Mrs.)
Hall Hollis J. book keeper, h. do.
Hall Millie M. h. do.
Hall Fred P. student, h..,do.
Hall Stanley E. blacksmith, h. Curve (Mrs.) .
Hall William L. farmer, h. do _ (Mrs.)
Hall Louise M. housework, h. do.
Hall Cleveland W. laborer, h.. do.
Hamlin Edwin, supt. electric plant, h. 15 Elm (Mrs.)
Hamlin F. W. Am. T. Co. supt. h. 20 Elm (Mrs.)
Hamlin H. W. mgr. telephone exchange, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Hamlin Joseph 0. spool mill, h. 49 W. Main (Mrs.)
Hamlin Percy M. spool mill, h. 31 _Main _(Mrs.)
Hamlin Sally A. student, h. do.
Hamlin Annie E. retired, h. 31 Main
Hamlin W. W. barber, Ist st. (Mrs.)
Hamlin Blanche, clerk, h. do.
Hamlin Omar E. laborer, h. do.
Hamlin Ernest, farmer, h. Park (Mrs.)
Hanscom Lizzie, h. 51 Pleasant
Hanscom Harry W. paper maker, h. do.
Hanscom Katherine, stenographer, h. do.
Hanscom Grace M. h. do.
Hanscom John, farmer, h. Park (Mrs.)
Hanscom Eva, h _ do.
Hanscom Sarah E.
Hanscom Charles L. spool mill, h. 4 Savage Hill (Mrs.)
Harmon Fred W. spool mill, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Harmon Pliny and Merle J. students, h. do
Harmon Merle J. stenographer, h. do.
Harlow Charles E. laborer, h. off Riverside (Mrs.).
Harmon Claude D. sp ol mill, h. Spring (Mrs.)
Harris Daniel, slater h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Harris Star, ‘hardware dealer, h. Willow (Mrs.)
Harris C. S. guide, (Mrs.)
Harris Fred, plumber, bds. Star Harris
Hayden W. W. clergyman, h. .53 Pleasant (Mrs.)
Hayden Archibald L. student, h. do.
Hamlin Bert, woodsman, bds. Gould House
Hazelton Rev. C. D. pastor lst Baptist Church, h. 13 Park (Mrs.,
Hathaway Dr. h. Riverside (Mrs.)
.Herrick Fannie W. h. *2
Herrick Lyman, retired, h. Park (Mrs.)
Hescock. Rev. G. B., bds. D. Crosby .
Heath Rice, fanner, h. 5 mi. out (Mes.)
Hersey Wilmer R. machinist B. &’A. h.. W. Main
Heal Frank, laborer, h. Curve
Hobbs Ira F. farmer, h. *2 Mrs.)
Hobbs Elbert C. farmer, h. do.
Hobbs Walter, farmer,’ h. do.
Hobbs Mabel E. teacher h. do.
Hobbs G. A. farmer, bds. Frank Hobbs
Hobbs A. D. farmer, h. do.
Hobbs A. E. _farmer, 1 1_2 mi. out (Mrs.)
Hobbs Wm. B. carpenter, h. 3 High (Mrs.)
Hobbs Frank, farmer, 2 mi. out (Mrs.)
Hobbs Nanna, house keeper,, h. do.
Hobbs Susie, do h. do.
Hobbs C. M. truck man, h _ 37 Park
Hobbs Mrs. Ida, dress maker, h. do.
Hobbs Mrs. retired h. do.
Hodgkins Charles U., farmer
Hodgkins Edwin H. fanner
Hodgkins Emeline
Hodgdon. Thom_as F. carpenter, h. 16 Highland (Mrs.)
Hodgman J. C. farmer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Hodgman Ethel, h, do.
Holmes William, lumber, bds. Gould House
Holbrook Rose, housework
Home Charles S. laborer, h. 41 Riverside (Mrs.)
Horne Maurice, h. do.
Harton Hiram H. laborer
Horton Nathaniel, laborer
Hoskins Jerry, carpenter, h. Willow (Mrs.)
Hoskins Frank, carpenter, bds. J. Hoskins
Hoskins Mose, carpenter, h. Prospect (Mrs.)
Horne George W. lawyer, h. 10 High
Home George W. student, h. do.
Howe Samuel T. farmer (Mrs.) *2
Hoxie R. A. laborer, (Mrs.)
Hoxie Wm. cook
Holmes Peter K. station agent, h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Hussey John W. farmer, *2 (Mrs.)
Hussey Bertram. farmer, h. do.
Hurd Fred, bds. Gould House
Ingalls R. M. clothier, h. 68 Pleasant
Ingalls Lavina A. stenograhper, h. do.
Ingalls Mary L. student, h. do.
Ingalls Helen E. student, h. do.
Inman Fred, restaurant, h. 11 Park (Mrs.)
Inman Arthur W. laborer, h. do.
Jaundro Frank, laborer, bds. Gould House
Jewett Jennie M. h. 9 High
Jenkins William H. carpenter, (h. 36 Riverside (Mrs.)
Jones A. M. physician and surgeon, bds. Milo House
Johnson W. A. attorney, corner High and Pleasant
Johnson Mrs. Aldie M. millinery, h. do.
Jones George A. foreman, h. 21 Riverside
Jones Jane A. teacher, h. ‘do.
Jones Thomas, slater, h. do.
Jordan Ella F.
Jordan Olive
Jordan Edgar W. laborer, h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Kelly Jack, painter, bds._ Albert st.
Kennedy G. V. station agt. h. Milo Junction (Mrs.)
Kelly Oscar, cook, h. 1.0 Clinton (Mrs.)
Kelly William, student, h. do.
Kelly Charles, laborer, h. Willow (Mrs.)
Kelliher Frank L. teamster, h. off High (Mrs.)
Kelliher Lester F. laborer, h. off High
Kelliher Olive M. student, h. do.
Kimball B. B. veterinary surgeon, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Kittredge Beni. R. carpenter (Mrs
Kittredge Melvin, h. do.
Kittredge Frank, h. do.
Kittredge Fred M. joiner, h. 17 High (Mrs.)
Knowles S. retired, bds. Henry Taylor
Knowles Frank, laborer, h. Elm
Knapp __Herbert, carpenter, (Mrs.)
Knowles Sarah h. 1st
Ladd Azar C. laborer, h. Pleasant (Mrs.
Ladd Grace M. student, h. do.
Lapland Charles, teamster, bds. G.. Guptil
Lancaster Edwin E. ‘laborer, h. 29 W. Main (Mrs.)
LaSelle Eva M. music teacher, h. 20 Highland av.
Larson Olof, laborer
Lampson, C. W. brakeman, bds. B. T. Sprague
Leonard John; laborer, bds. Gould House
Leonard L. L. spool mill, h. 7 Spring
Mills Alphonso, laborer, h. 13 Clinton (Mrs.)
Mills William, spool mill, h. 4 Highland av. (Mrs.)
Mills Charles, spool. mill. h. do.
Mitchell Columbus S. farmer, h. *3 (Mrs.)
Mitchell Leon, farmer, h. do.
Mills Caroline, retired, h. 59 Pleasant
Morrill Colby, carpenter, bds. Gould House _ (Mrs.) )
Monroe Charles, mason, h. Park (Mrs.)
Monroe Guy, carpenter, h. do.
Monroe F. E. Plost Office and merchant, h. 29 Main (Mrs.)
Monroe Rex A. student, h. do.
Monroe J. W. farmer, *3 (Mrs.)
Monroe Carrie M. h. do.
Monroe Sarah J. h. 3 Park
Monroe. Jean, student, h. do.
Monroe George,. farmer, 2 mi. out (Mrs.)
Monroe Mrs. Grace, h., do.
Mooers 0. N. farmer, h. *3 (Mrs.)
Mooers Albert, baggage master Milo Junction, (Mrs.)
Mooers E. G. meat cutter, (Mrs.)
Mooers Ida, h. *3
Mooers Melissa, dressmaker, h. Highland av.
Mooers Nathaniel, Excelsior mill, (Mrs.)
Mooers Blanche, house work, h. do.
Mooers Frank B. laborer, h. do.
Mooers Marion, student, h. do.
Moores R. Allen, laborer, h. 5 Park (Mrs)
Moores R. Allen, clerk, h _do.
Moores William 0. shoerepairer, h. do.
Moores 1. Lewis, student, h. do,
Moores Edward C. supt. h. 22 Riverside (Mrs.)
Moores Herbert, student, h. do.
Moores Isaac, laborer, h. do.
Moores Charles, laborer, h_ do.
Moores Florence E. bds. Mrs. H B. Pierce
Moores Mrs. Margaret, h. 25 Riverside
Moores Teresa, dress maker, h. do.
Morrill George, machinist, h. 1st (Mrs.)
Morrill Eli, wood worker, h., Willow (Mrs.)
Morrill Lena, music teacher, bds. do.
Morrill Fred, laborer, bds. do.
Morrill E. 0. merchant, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Morse A. D. farmer, h. 1 (Mrs.)
Morse Herbert L. teacher, h. do.
Morse Amos P. carpenter, h. 39 Elm
Morse Willis P. laborer, h. do.
Morse J. W. engineer, h. Albert st. (Mrs.)
Moulton L. 0. spool worker, h. 25 High (Mrs.)
Moulton Ethel, housework, h . do.
Murray Albert W. gardener, h. 20 High, (Mrs.) _
Murphy Frank, B. & A. bds. ‘Gould House
Musgrave Mrs. bds. Gould House
Nason J. A. laborer, h. _Park (Mrs.)
NeIson John, laborer
Nesbitt Allen, student, h. Pleasant
Nichols Havelock, mason, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Ochard Mrs. bds. Gould House
Osser W. laborer, h. Main (Mrs.)
Osgood Bert, merchant (Mrs.)
Owen W. S. druggist, h. 8 High (Mrs.)
Owen Willie H. student, h. do.
Owen Fred A. laborer, h. Gould (Mrs.)
Owen Clara Mrs. h. 30 Riverside
Payne Rose 0. h. Park st.
Perkins Louis, carpenter, h, Park (Mrs.)
Parker Elmer L. laborer, h. curve:
Perkins H. C. farmer, h. _ *3 (Mrs.)
Parker Mrs. Mildred, ‘.h. do.
Parker Mrs. Olive, h. do.
Perrigo F. G. farmer, h. Elm (Mrs )
Patten William, laborer, bds. Gould House
Parlin IV. H. farmer, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Parlin Winnifred, housework, h. do. _
Parlin Ardelle, student, h. do.
Palmer Phoebe,, housework
Paine V. J. spool maker, h. Park (Mrs.)
Paine Elmer. laborer, h. Park (Mrs.)
Page Arnold, woodsman
Paddock Thomas laborer, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Paddocl< Myrtle. teacher, h. do.
Paddock Winfield, student, h. do.
Paddock Stanley, painter, h. Riverside av. (Mrs.)
Paddock Bernice cook, h. do.
Packard 0. B. lumber, h. 62 Pleasant (Mrs.)
Packard Lena. book keeper, h. do.
Packard Hattie, h. do.
Packard Edna, student, h. do.
Perkins H. L. Jeweler, h. Riverside
Perkins Ethel, housework, h. off Elm
Perkins John A. (Perkins & Danforth Spool Co.) h. 17 High (Mrs)
Perham George. laborer Mrs.)
Perham John F. store, h. Main (Mrs.)
Perham Lula, telephone. h. Main
Perham Eva. clerk. h. do *
Perham Earl W. laborer, h. do. *
Perham Melvin G. teamster, h. Gould (Mrs.)
Perham Myrtie L _ h. do.
Peakes Paul P. pool room, h. Crescent (Mrs.)
Peakes Willard, h. do.
‘Perrigo, John IT. state deputy I. 0. F. h. 5 Albert (Mrs.)
Perrigo ;Susie F. ‘music teacher, h. do.
Peakes Carl H. _mail carrier *1 (Mrs.)
Pierce Charles W. lumber. h. 7 Highland av. (Mrs.)
Pierce A. J. farmer and lumber, h. 19 High (Mrs.) .
Pierce H. B. Mrs _ h. 40 Riverside
Pierce Nellie, housework, h. do.
Plummer Roscoe, laborer, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Plummer Frank, engineer, bds. do.
Pollard Olin G. farmer
Pray Chester, lab ‘ orer, h. Curve (Mrs.)
Pray Harry, laborer, h. do.
Pray Carroll, laborer, h. do.
Prescott Edward P. laborer, corner West Main and Riverside (Mrs.)
Prentice Joseph. laborer, bds. do.
Proctor Alice M..
Purdy Charles, fruit dealer, 21 W. Main (Mrs.)
Ramsdell 0. 13. farmer, *2 (Mrs.)
Ramsdell B. A. farmer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Ramsdell Abner, retired, h. 6 High
Ramsdell F. S. bakery, h. 6 High (Mrs)
Rattray 0, H. machinist and engineer, h. 47 W. Main (Mrs.)
Randall Charles, guide, h. Park (Mrs.)
Randall DeRoy, guide, h. do.
Randall Elsie, nurse, h. do.
Reynolds Edwin F., farmer, h. *2
Richards Daniel E. spool mill, h. 37 W. Main (Mrs.)
Richards Norman,, spool mill, In. do.
Richards Emma h. do.
Richards Maud, h. do.
Richards Ethel, h. do..
Richardson W. H. mill hand, foreman h. 5 Highland av. (Mrs.)
Richardson Ward, filer, h. 21 Park (Mrs.)
Richardson Lynn, student, 21 Park
Riggs George, box mill, h. Main (Mrs.)
Ricker Edward, farmer (_,Mrs.)
Ricker Silas, farmer
Ricker Robert, student
Ricker Kate , teacher
Ricker Henry, student
Robbins Edwin A. farmer, *2 (Mrs.)
Roberts Maud, housework
Roberts * Mabel, housework
Robinson Isabel, ‘housework
Roberts Charles C. spool worker, h. off Elm (Mrs.)
Roberts Leon, student, h. do.
Rogers, William E. painter, (Mrs.)
Rogers F. H. painter, h. Spring (Mrs.)
Rogers Carrol, student, h. do.”
Rogers Elizabeth, h. Pleasant
Rowe J. H. retired, h. *1
Rowe, Lafayette, W. farmer, h. do.
Rollins John F. farmer, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Rowe L._ W. farmer *1 (Mrs.)
Rowe Elizabeth student, h. do.
Rowe Ralph, student, h. do.
Rowe George, student, h. do.
Rowlins Joel W. h. Albert st,., (Mrs.)
Rowlins Edric, h. do.
Rowlins VIrgie, h. do.
Russell Red, laborer h. Curve
Ryder George A. farmer (Mrs.)
Ryder John, laborer
Ryder Linnie, student
Ryder Charles, carpenter, h. 5 Clinton (Mrs.)
Sawyer F. E. farmer, h. Elm
Savage Tilden, guide, h. Main
Savage A. F. farmer
Savage Lewis, laborer
Savage Alfred, laborer
Savage Clara, student
Savage Mabel, student
Sanborn Leon, spool Mill, bds. Gould House
Stanchfield Ben, laborer, bds. do.
Sampson Lettie M. cor. High and Pleasant
Salley Samuel, box mill
Sargent Frank, jeweler, h. Albert st. (Mrs.)
Savage H. D. retired, h. 2 Savage Mill (Mrs.)
Savage Leo B. student, h. do.
Savage Mrs. Mary, h. 31 Park
Sargent Mrs. 1 Joseph, h. cor. 1st and Park
Savage Wesley, grinder, h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Scripture Charles, butcher, h. 34 Riverside (Mrs.)
Scripture Hannah W. bds. Charles Pierce
Shaw Amy S. h. 24 Elm
Shaw William, laborer h. Elm st. (Mrs.)
Shaw Amy, stenographer, h. do.
Shaw Fred, student, h. do.
Shaw Lizzie. student, h. do.
Shaw Frank, laborer
Mrs. Frank, dressmaker
Sherburne I. E. spool mill, h. 31 Elm (Mrs.)
Sherburne Arthur, drug clerk, h. do.
Sherburne Edgar, laborer, h. do.
Sherburne Charles, h. do
Shurtleff Herbert A. butter maker, h. 25 W. Main (Mrs.)
Sherburne Jane, retired, h. 4 High
Smart J. R. laborer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Smart Kittie, h. do.
Smart Harry, laborer, h. do.
Smart Percy, laborer, h. do.
Smart Fred, laborer, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Smart J. B. retired, h. lst st
Smart Mrs. James, house keeper, h. Park
Smart Dell, laborer, h. Park
Smith Varney, spool mill, h. W. Main (Mrs.).
Smith Charles P. farmer *2 (Mrs.)
Smith.C. D. farmer, h. *1
Smith Orman, mill man, h. 1st (Mrs.)
Snow Harry A. physician and surgeon, h. 6 Highland av. (Mrs.)
Snow Charles Augustus, student, bds. A. E. Hobbs
Snow Harry, laborer, h. 32 Park (Mrs.)
Snow Walter H. farmer, h. Pleasant (Mrs.)
Snow Irving, student, h. _ do.
Snow Bessie, student, h. do.
Snow Emeline N. h. Pleasant
Speed Hillman, laborer, at B. T. Sprague’s
Sprague Bela, laborer, off Riverside (Mrs.)
Sprague Charles A. h. do.
Spearing A. F. prop. Milo House, 3 Main (Mrs.)
Speed 0. R. butcher, h. Park (Mrs.)
Speed Irving, teamster
Stanchfield C. F. merchant, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Stanchfield Glen, student, h. do.
Stanchfield Zebulon, farmer h. *2
Stanchfield Clarence, miller, (Mrs.)
Stanchfield Frank, farmer, h. *2 (Mrs.)
Stanchfield Delia, h. do.
Stanchfield O. N. farmer, h. *2
Stanchfield Orrin, farmer, h. do.
Standhfield Zeb, laborer
Stapleford Nellie H. h. 3 High
Steams Eddie, laborer, h. Prospect (Mrs.)
Starbird Caroline
Stearns Luther, laborer, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Stetson John L. painter, h. 33 W. Main (Mrs.)
Stetson A. E. laborer, h. Elm (Mrs.)
Stewart J. P. operator B. & A. (Mrs.)
Stoddard Thomas, farmer, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Stone _fames J. farmer, (Mrs)
Strout F. M.. horse dealer, cor. Pleasant and Highland av. (Mrs.)
Strout Oliver H. P. farmer,
Strout James, farmer
Strout Frank, laborer, bds. S. T. Howe
Strout Charles, laborer, bds. do.
Strout Benjamin, excelsior mill
Stubbs Sewall H.. carpenter, h. 15 Highland (Mrs.)
Stubbs Zettie, h. do.
Sturtevant W. W. farmer, (Mrs.)
Sturtevant Edith R. house keeper, h. do.
Sturtevant Arthur L. farmer, h. do.
Sturtevant H. W. farmer, (Mrs.)
Staples ———_, laborer, h. 35 W. Main (Mrs.)
Stackpole Charles, laborer, Riverside (Mrs.)
Strout R. R. carriage builder and painter, h. 7 Clinton (Mrs.)
Sweetser A. L. spool mill,
Sweetser Henry E.
Taylor Henry, farmer, h. 2 miles out (Mrs.)
Tasker A. H. mill work, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Tabor Will, laborer, h. * Mrs
Tasker Earl, student, h. do.
Thomas Wm. B. farmer, (Mrs.)
Thompson Frances
Thomas Fred, laborer, bds. Gould House

Thompson Thomas A. painter, h. W. Main Mrs
Thompson Vance, farmer, *3 (Mrs.)
Thompson Emeline, h. 13 Highland av.
Thompson Charles H. woodsman, h. do.
Tibbetts. Elmira
Tibbetts Frank, farmer, h. *1 Mrs
Tibbetts Clarence, student
Townsend Oscar.. laborer, h. cor. W. Main and _Riverside.
Townsend Dana 0. laborer
Townsend Lester E. student
Tolman Mrs. Mose, bds. John Hanscom
Tolman Agnes, student, bds. do.
Tolman David, farmer, *2 (Mrs.)
Turner R. C. barber, bds. J.. F Gibson
Tyler Lewis, laborer
Wallace Thomas. laborer, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Wallace Belle, h. do.
Walton Wm. W. retired, h. I Savage Hill
Walton Emma E. h. do.
Walton George W. clerk, h. do.
Ward Charles E. farmer h. Park (Mrs.)
‘Ward Frank H. laborer
Ward Bradbury W. farmer
Ward Albion C., farmer
Ward Duane, student
Ward Roy, laborer, bds. Gould House
Waster F. H. laborer, h. do.
Warren Alton H. laborer, h. Albert (Mrs.)
Warren B. J. h. Spring (Mrs.)
Warren Paul, student, h. do.
Warren Charles S. blacksmith, (Mrs.)
Waterhouse Mary housework
Waterhouse W. I. teamster *1 (Margaret)
Waterhouse Herbert S. student, h. do.
Waterhouse Merrill M. student, h. do.
Waugh Wheelock, spool mill
Washburn P. H. carpenter, bds. R. Folsom
Weaver Frank, fanner, *3 (Mrs.)
Weaver Hazel, student, h. *3
Webster William W. laborer, h. Curve (Mrs.)
Webster Wallace, h. do.
Webster Pearl, h. do.
Wells W. F. fanner (Mrs.)
Wells Perley D. laborer
Wells Robert W. laborer
Wentworth 0. W. grain _ store, h _ 30 Park
West Blanche, h. 26 High
West 0. E. merchant, h. W’ Market sq. (Mrs.)
West Charles H. farmer
West Arabella, T. h.’ Park
West Alberte, laborer, h. do.
Weatherbee Guy, hardware, off Elm
Weymouth Maude, ‘h. Spring
Weymouth Frank, laborer
Weymout ———– laborer, h ..39 W. Main (Mrs.)
Weymouth Ernest N. laborer, h. Riverside and West (Mrs.)
Wharff W.. 0. spool mill, bds. W. W. Leonard
White WM. J. coal heaver, h. *3 (Mrs.)
White Lottie B., house keeper, h._ do.
White Annie, do,,h. do.
Whitney W. A. carpenter, h. W.. Main
Whitney Ethel, student, h. do.
Whitney A. D. carpenter, h. W. Main (Mrs.)
Whitney Mary, h. do.
Whorton W. If. laborer, h. *1 (Mrs.)
Whorton, Ruth, h. do.
White Ralph W. laborer, h. *36 Riverside (Mrs.)
Willard William, farmer, h. 5 mi. out (Mrs.)
Wilder Lewis.’ selectman, h. Park
Wilder Frank, laborer, h. do., (Mrs.,)
Wiley Fred, carpenter, h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Wiley James, farmer, h. *.1 (Mrs.)
Wiley Alice, teacher Wiley Mary, house work
Wiley Flora, teacher, h. do..
Wiley Bernice student, h. do.
Wise Frank G. mill Man h. Clinton (Mrs.)
Williams _——–, farmer, h. Park (Mrs.)
Wood Otis O, laborer, h. 38 Riverside
Wright Jack, laborer, h. Mrs. Gray
Wright Frank, laborer, (Mrs. )
Wyman E. real estate agent, bds. Milo, House
Young W. M., farmer, (Mrs.)
Young Samuel, farmer
Young Nelson, do.
Young Gilbert, do.
Young Stephen W., do,
Young Helen, bds. G. E. Gubtil

Postmaster, F. E. Monroe. Selectmen, L. H. Wilder, A. L. Ward,
A. Bradeen. Town Clerk, Leon S. 0. Brown. Treasurer, W. S. Owen. Collector, H. M.. Briggs. Constables, Henry M. Briggs, A. S. Leonard. School Board, H. A. Snow, B. L. Gould, W. H. Snow. G. B. Heath, Supt. Board of Health, Louis 0. Ford, Secy.


The churches consist of the Baptist, A. G. Murray, pastor;, the Methodistodist, J. W. Price, pastor; the Free Baptist, W. W. Hayden, pastor.. The Universalist and Adventists have no regular preachers.

Milo Junction Resident Directory

Abbott C. E bds. Stewart House
Adam Frank, bds. do.
Allen Mabel, bds. 14 1st
Anderson T. E. bds. 15 2nd
Antel _, B. & A. (Mrs.)
Bartlett John, 2 1st (Mrs.)
Barchard B. C. bds. Stewart House
Belyea James L. h. 1 lst (Mrs.)
Bartlett Byron, student, bds. do.
Bicmore ———, machinist, (Mrs.)
Blake John, (Mrs.)
Blake Louise, student h. do.
Blake Christina, student, h. do.
Bragg Harry, carpenter, (Mrs.)
Bragg Ira, bds. 3 lst
Brooks Charles, B. & A. h. 9 2nd (Mrs.)
Brown ———-, laborer (Mrs.)
Brawn Weston, _ bds. Stewart House
Brown Frank, bds. do.
Bycraft W. H. bds. do.
Bruce Gilbert, laborer, bds.
Burphy L. S. 1st
Burnett James carpenter, bds. 2nd (Mrs.)
Calms G. D., B. & A., bds. Stewart House
Carrigan, John, engineer, h. 2 lst (Mrs.)_
Argraves G., bds. Stewart House
Chasehorn Martin, laborer, (Mrs.)
Chamberlain _, 1 2nd St. (Mrs.)
Chayer A. B. bds. Stewart House
Chatman James, sealer (Mrs.) Ray do., student
Clark Irving
Cohen Sam, trader (Mrs.)
Cole Arthur, bds. 3 1st
Collins Fred, steam shovel, bds.
Cornier Red, B. & _ A. (Mrs.)
Cooler Charles 12 lst (Mrs.) Essie, Gertrude, Marietta
Copp E. K. bds. Stewart House
Crockett F. M.
Cyr Frank
Davis E. M., bds. hotel
Davenport Henry C., h. 28 lst (Mrs.) Joseph, student
Davenport Henry, laborer (Emma)
Donovan Harry, bds. Stewart House
Dawson Gilbert, B. & A. h. 17 2nd (Mrs.) Daisy, student
Drowley ———-, h. 10 lst (Mrs.)
Dunphy Ned, laborer, bds.
Eaton Davis, clerk, bds. 11 2nd
Ellis A. bds. Stewart House
Elmer H. P. bds. do.
Elmer _, machinist, bds. 3 2nd
Emmond William, B. & A. (Mrs.) Lewis, student, Frank, Victori.
Farmer William R. _18 1st _(Mrs.)
Finney Mrs. Miss and Charles
Foster Charles, h. 26 lst (Mrs.)
Gammon Willis, machinist, bds. 11 2nd
Gardner George, bds. Stewart House
Garland Della, bds. Stewart House
Glover A. A. conductor, bds. do.
Godsoe C. B. carpenter, (Mrs.) Aaron B. student
Goodyear Charles
Grant A. C. bds, Stewart House
Grant George A. merchant, _(Mrs.)
Haines Charles A. machinist, h. 19 2nd (Mrs.) Eva, Frank
Harriman G. W, carpenter (Mrs.)
Henderson T. J. 8 Ist (Mrs.)
Henry Thomas, 1 Ist
Henry William, h. do.
Herrick H. H. car repairer, h. 23 2nd (Mrs,
Herrick Perry, weaver, h. do.
Herrick, Perley, weaver, h. do.
Herrick Myrtle, teacher, h. do.
Higgins C. _ L. bds. Stewart House
Hillichy F. J. bds. do.
Hesker James, B. & A. (Mrs.
Hoxie Richard, B. & A. h. Riverside (Mrs.)
Hughes A. K. bds. Stewart House
Irving Fred, 5 2nd (Mrs.)
Jackson William, carpenter, (Mrs..)
Jackson Robert, do. bds. do.
Jackson Raymond, do. bds. do.
Johnston Guy, book keeper, h. 11 2nd
Johnston Sarah, housekeeper, h. 11 2nd
Johnston Bessie, bds. do.
Johnson William cook, bds. Stewart House
Jones Harry, bds. do.
Judkins E. C. bds. hotel
Kennan Carl, carpenter
Knox _, machinist, bds. 3 2nd
Knox S. R. bds. Stewart House
Kirkpatrick H. bds. do.
LaBelle Fred, _bds.
Lang Joseph, h. 24 lst (Mrs.)
Lane Lewis, carpenter, (Mrs.)
Logye H _ E.
London Ned, laborer, bds.
McLeod James T, painter, (Mrs.)
McCusick A. A. store (Mrs.)
McDougal ———–, h. 6 Ist (Mrs.)
McEllmon, Nelson
McKenny Galen, filer, (Mrs.) Madge, Frank, Charles, Annie
MeKenny Ora, Carpenter (Mrs.)
McPherson Charles, laborer (Mrs.)
McPherson George, B. & A. (Mrs.)
McPherson Mack, B. & A.
McNeil John, laborer, bds.
Madison D. H. bds. Stewart House
Mayo T. 0.
Meagher Rank, carpenter (Mrs.)
Marsh M. M. bds. Stewart House
Martin M. carpenter ‘ (Mrs. )
Messer Mrs. retired, h. 15 2nd
Messer Cyrus, h. do. (Mrs.)
Michaud Ed, bds.. Stewart House
Michaud H. 0. bds. do.
Michaud Stephen, trader, Tallis, Mary
Milton Ernest, clerk
Mooers Ida, boarding house
Mowatt W. R. boiler maker (Mrs.)
Mowatt Elizabeth, retired
Munson H. B. & A. h. 2nd (Mrs.) Clarence, student, Blanche
Nash A. A. carpenter, bds. do.
Neadow B. 0. h. 20 1st (Mrs.)
Norton E. P. bds. Stewart House
Orcutt Harvey, carpenter, (Mrs.)
Packard Hattie, bds. Stewart House
Palky ———, 1 2nd (Mrs.)
Parlin Archie, 22 Ist (Mrs.)
Peters _————, B. & A. (Mrs.)
Pierce J. P. bds. hotel
Pratt Charles, carpenter. bds.
Price _———, h. 4 1st (Mrs.) Pearl, Cora, Jessie, students
Powell Marshall, B. & A. R. R.
Rideout Lee, Stewart House
Richardson Chester, bds. 1st
Richardson L. S. teacher (Mrs.)
Richardson Lewis, student, h. do.
Ricker F. L. bds. Stewart House
Robinson A. J. bds. do
Rollins May, bds. do.
Rowe M. A. carpenter (Mrs.)
Sangloi Nelson (Mrs.)
Severance ———–, laborer (Mrs.)
Severance _, B. & A. (Mrs.)
Shedd W. H. bds. Stewart House
Skillings, Herbert, carpenter (Mrs..) Margaret, Lewis
Snowman H. , L. bds. Stewart House
Sullivan W. bds. do.
Smith Michael, laborer, bds.
Smith L. M. bds. Stewart House
Sally S. L. bda. Stewart House
Stewart 0., B. & A. h. Ist at. (Mrs.)
Strout Harry, h. 3 Ist (Mrs.) Ralph, Hazel, Harry, students
Sullivan J. 0. bds. Stewart House
Tabor William, laborer (Mrs.) Hattie, Eva, Lottie
Tenney James J. barber, (Mrs.)
Thompson Vina, servant, h. 15 2nd
Towers Cecil, h. 14 Ist (Mrs.)
Trafton C. E. bds. Stewart House
Treadwell G. R. bds. do.
Trott’ William, carpenter, bds.
Violette, Fred, barber, (Mrs.)
Webber B. E. bds. Stewart House
Welch Thomas, Wells M. W. bds. Stewart House .
West A. F. bds. do.
West George, clerk, bds. 11 2nd
White Allie, housework
White Charles, carpenter, 1 2nd (Mrs.)
White.Henry, trucking (Mrs.) Henrietta student, Eveline, housework
White M. bakery (Mrs.)
White Hermon, boarding house (Mrs.)
White Melvin B. & A. (Mrs.)
White William, bds..
Whitten W. B. & A. (Mrs.)
Whitten S. G. Wingate C., laborer (Mrs.)
Withey 1. A _ h. 7 2nd (Mrs.)
Wood Charles, B. & A. (Mrs.)
Worcester George, laborer (Mrs.)
Young John, laborer, bds. Young C. 0. bds.