A Bit of Veteran’s History


Many favorable comments have been received appreciating the veteran history articles, to those I humbly thank you. Before going into further articles a clarification is perhaps helpful in the forms of military service and sacrifices.

It is a very small percentage of the military that actually sees or takes the life of their enemy. The infantry squad of nine to eleven soldiers is the primary source of a military mission or action with the most likely opportunity or misfortune of direct contact with the enemy. Obviously the squad leader has the most responsibility for the training and welfare of the squad. All other ranks and other fields such as supply, medical, maintenance, communications and transportation are in place to support the squad.

Ideally, military mission intent is to bring about a favorable condition that could lead to a lasting peace with the enemy or potential enemy. Sometimes just the readiness of the military deters the enemy from possible war; such was the cold war era. Every position in the military was created to support the overall mission regardless of branch and all military personnel went through their training and are prepared to complete their mission regardless of their location. They all sacrificed something, and some had no choice such as a drafted soldier. They all deserve our gratitude for their service.